Acute & Traumatic Sports Injuries

Feet and ankles are vulnerable to all kinds of accidents and injuries. Some of these injuries develop slowly and gradually, while others have a more sudden (and often severe) onset.

When you’re out on your feet and suddenly feel a pop, tear, crack, or stabbing sensation followed by sudden pain, it’s pretty clear that you’ve suffered an acute, traumatic sports injury.

Such injuries almost always require immediate medical attention, and quick thinking in the minutes and days following the incident can make a big difference in terms of how quickly you’re able to get your pain under control and how well your injury heals.

Common Acute Foot & Ankle Injuries

Some of the acute injuries we treat at Capital Podiatry Associates include, but are not limited to:








Ankle pain in detail

You may wonder why you should call us instead of going to the emergency room, urgent care, or your primary care physician. While these are all certainly alternative options, there are several reasons why Capital Podiatry Associates should be first on your call list:

  • We deal exclusively with foot and ankle concerns, and extensively with sports injuries of the feet and ankles. Would you rather get diagnosis and treatment from a doctor who works with feet only sometimes, or a doctor who works with feet all day, every day?
  • Same-day and next-day appointments are often available. We understand that time is critical after an acute injury, and can often accommodate an urgent need for an appointment. We may even be faster than urgent care.
  • We offer advanced therapies that can help you heal and rehab your injury faster. Athletes and working folks usually want every possible edge to aid their recovery, and we excel at providing that. Advanced treatments and services available at our office include MLS laser therapy to provide rapid pain relief and accelerated natural tissue regeneration, as well as blood flow resistance training to help you start rehabbing and rebuilding muscle strength sooner, without risking further injury.
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What Should You Do If You Experience a Sudden Injury to Your Feet or Ankles?

Although it may be tough due to the pain and shock, it’s important to think clearly and act decisively.

First, stop your activity and get off your feet immediately. Don’t try to “walk off” your injury, as doing so may only cause the existing damage to worsen.

If the pain is excruciating, or otherwise obviously severe (such as a broken bone sticking through the skin), call 911 immediately. Otherwise, call Capital Podiatry Associates right away for professional evaluation and treatment. We are happy to provide advice and, if necessary, will schedule an appointment as soon as possible, often same-day or next day.

In the meantime, begin RICE therapy for the next 48-72 hours:


  • REST. Don’t put weight on your feet or perform activities that could aggravate the injury. 
  • ICE. Apply ice as soon as possible to control pain and swelling. Wrap ice in a thin towel to avoid direct contact with skin. Ice for up to 20 minutes at a time, no more than once per hour.
  • COMPRESSION. Wrap an injured foot or ankle in a compression wrap, dressing, or bandage. Do not wrap so tightly that circulation is cut off.
  • ELEVATION. Keep your foot propped up on a chair or pillows as you sit or sleep, ideally above heart level.

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