Foot and Ankle Pain

We all must face at least a little pain at some point in our lives. It comes in a variety of flavors, even when you narrow the area down to just your feet and ankles!

Is it a dull ache? Maybe more of a sharp, shooting pain? Or does it just feel like you’re stepping on some phantom object?

“Foot & ankle pain” is a very broad category with plenty of potential causes. Our goal is always to discover the cause and provide you the best, most efficient treatments to make your discomfort a memory.

Causes of Chronic Foot Pain

An estimated 75 percent of Americans will experience some type of foot or ankle problem in their lifetime. It’s no small wonder, really, given the daily demands we place on them!

Our feet and ankles are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear, but problems can still happen. Here are just a few of the kinds we see come through our doors:


Common Conditions

  • Sports Injuries  While sprains and fractures can sometimes be counted among sports injuries, there is also the persistent pain that can come from placing too much strain on the muscles, bones or tendons. This can happen either in one sudden burst of intensity, or over a long period of repetitive stress. Achilles tendinitis, stress fractures, and bursitis can all fall under sports injuries.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – One of the most common causes of heel pain, infamously known for causing sharp, stabbing discomfort when getting out of bed or starting to move after a long period of inactivity.
  • Arthritis – Joint pain can strike throughout the feet, but is most often felt in the toes and ankles. Arthritis can take several forms, from the general “wear and tear” of osteoarthritis, to rheumatoid arthritis, to the searing nighttime pain of gout.
  • Nerve Pain – Periods of tingling, burning pain, in addition to occasional numbness, may be sign of peripheral neuropathy, otherwise known as damage to the nerves. This is often associated as an effect of diabetes, but can have other causes as well.

Treating Chronic Foot Pain

Too many people refrain from seeking help for their pain, for too long. They either feel that it will go away on its own, or that it’s something they simply must deal with. Either case just isn’t true, though!

In many cases, there is plenty we can do to manage or entirely eliminate pain in the foot or ankle. Holding off on treatment isn’t only unnecessary, but can, in some cases, lead to further damage.

When you come to Capital Podiatry Associates, you can be assured we will do all that we need to get to the root of what’s causing your pain. Once we find that, we can recommend a course of treatment that will best suit your needs and lifestyle.

In some cases, treatment might take the form of custom orthotics, stretching exercises, and a change in routine. In others, we might recommend laser therapy to relieve pain and encourage the healing of damaged soft tissues. Everything is determined on a patient-by patient basis.

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