Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries do not tend to result from sudden hits or impacts, but they are still capable of forcing you to sit out of activities if you don’t tend to them well.

This type of sports injury tends to “sneak up” on anyone who pushes themselves too hard too quickly or does not provide their bodies enough time for rest. Proper treatment and preventative care will help ensure overuse injuries don’t keep tripping up your performance.

What is an Overuse Injury?

Whereas acute traumatic injuries often come from one sudden severe hit, twist, or other force, overuse injuries tend to develop over a longer timeframe.

Our bodies are made to endure certain levels of intensity at any given time. When we push at those boundaries, we break our bodies down on a cellular level. When resting (and have proper nutrition), our bodies build back stronger and better suited to handle higher demands. That’s how building up our fitness works.

But when we push ourselves too hard, too quickly, or consistently subject our feet and ankles to repetitive impacts without enough recovery time, the body’s endurance can be overwhelmed and an injury develops.

The excess stress and strain that can cause overuse injuries may not come only from too much exertion, however. Abnormalities in foot structure, improper technique, excess weight, and unsupportive footwear can also play contributing factors.

Common Overuse Foot & Ankle Injuries

Active girl doing stretching before her jogging in the nature.

Some of the overuse injuries we treat at Capital Podiatry Associates include but are not limited to:

Overuse injuries can cause different symptoms in different areas of the feet and ankles, depending on the condition. Some conditions may cause the most discomfort during activity, while others may cause the most discomfort after activity, or even the next day when you get your feet out of bed.

Treating Overuse Injuries

Regardless of what kind of pain or discomfort you may be feeling, anything that remains persistent or does not improve after one or two days should receive professional attention. Trying to ignore or “push through” any troubles you are having will only increase your risk of the problem becoming more severe or long-lasting.

Getting proper care for overuse injuries is important for a few reasons. At Capital Podiatry Associates:

  • We often have same-day and next-day appointments available. The sooner a diagnosis is made and treatment begins, the sooner you can start to feel better.
  • We can get to the root(s) of your injury. It’s crucial not only to treat the symptoms at hand but to also identify and address their sources. If all the factors aren’t resolved, you might just find yourself with a similar injury in the near future.
  • We will recommend a treatment plan that best meets your needs. We know many patients hesitate to seek help for fear of being laid up in recovery forever. We want you to keep moving in beneficial ways, and will work with you to help you stay active without risking your recovery.

Once we have a full understanding of your condition, we will recommend a treatment plan designed not only to help you recover as quickly and safely as possible but to reduce your chances of suffering similar injuries in the future.

Our range of treatments runs from traditional methods such as rest, icing, and medication, to more advanced techniques like MLS laser therapy and massage gun therapy. Different cases respond best to different treatment plans, and we will always be happy to discuss all of your options with you.

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