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Finally, a Drug-Free Option to Eliminate Pain!

For so many Americans—across all ages and demographic groups—pain is a fact of life. It doesn’t discriminate: Youth athletes who sprain their ankles or break a bone Adults who work on their feet all day and struggle with chronic heel pain and fatigue Peripheral...

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Getting to Know Your Fungal Nails

“Therefore, I say: know thine enemy and know yourself, and in one hundred conflicts you will naturally prevail.” -Sun Tzu Okay, first things first—Sun Tzu probably didn’t have fungal toenails in mind when he wrote “The Art of War.” He may have had them, we suppose,...

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Fungal Toenails: What NOT to Do

Take it from us—fungal toenails are one of those annoying problems that are relatively easy to acquire, yet often very difficult to get rid of. An ill-advised barefoot romp around the pool deck or even a pedicure gone wrong may be all the fungi need to gain access to...

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Why Do I Have Heel Pain All the Time?

Heel pain is an epidemic. Millions of people suffer with it every day. It greets them when they rise out of bed, during and after exercise, and throughout a long day at work. It makes their daily tasks miserable and their hobbies no fun at all. The big question is,...

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Traveling With Heel Pain

Is heel pain threatening to ruin your vacation plans? Well, it’s time to show it who’s boss – and we are here to back you up! Heel pain is more common than you might think. In fact, 29 percent of Americans today are dealing with this more-than-inconvenient foot...

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Get Ready for Spring at Our Spa!

Spring – the very word can be enough to make you want to jump to your feet and get out there in the sunshine. No matter if you are just now coming out of hibernation or had just been missing the longer days and outdoors activities that come with the warmer seasons,...

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Tips for Halting Heel Pain

Perhaps it hits you in the morning, right when you get out of bed and put your feet on the floor. Sharp, stabbing heel pain that makes you hobble for a few minutes until your feet “warm up.” Or maybe you’re training for the Alexandria Running Festival and have found...

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