At Capital Podiatry Associations, our top priority is making sure all our patients have an exceptional experience. That includes everything from promptness with scheduling, the way you’re treated by our office staff, and the high-quality medical treatments we provide.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it! Here are just a few of the things our patients have been saying about us online:

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying

If you have any problems with your feet, run or (hobble) to this doctor. I have been a patient at Capital Podiatry for 6 or 7 years. He is a brilliant foot doctor, a super-skilled surgeon, an experienced diagnostician, and seems to be constantly researching and thinking about foot medicine. He does not have phony “bedside manner,” because he is just naturally a calm and reassuring person interested in your health and will always take the time to ask questions and listen to you.

When you are in his office, you see he also has assembled a well-trained and skilled team that focuses on the patient’s needs. Dr. Gilmore and every single staff member from front desk to surgical assistant has been consistently smart, kind, cheerful, patient, and attentive. When there is a patient who needs extra help, they are there. They ask if you need something—with a smile. Dr. Gilmore himself will always ask for your feedback or warn you or apologize if some procedure hurts.

My primary care physician recommended Dr Gilmore several years ago. She always had a knack for recommending the best. Thank goodness! When I first came to Dr. Gilmore, I had some painful problems that I thought I was just going to have to live with. I thought constant foot and toe pain was a part of growing older, or perhaps side effects of some chemo I had decades before. After consulting Dr. Gilmore, I was free of pain in my feet. When another condition developed, he solved that problem as well.

From one problem to another, you can see that Dr. Gilmore is not only a foot doctor, but a scientist at heart, so he is interested in your condition and knowledgeable about the latest research about it. He will share that knowledge with you, and teaches and reviews papers on the science of podiatry. A couple of times, he asked me if it was OK if he videoed a procedure to the Philippines for teaching purposes. He has tackled my foot problems methodically and carefully. Since he is skilled and highly ethical, you can be confident he will recommend the most conservative treatment first, and recommend you take the time for it to work. Expensive and painful surgery is the last step if possible.

He and his office staff are also helpful with medicines. He would never just toss you a medicine as some doctors do that the last pharmacy rep brought by. He has always helped in obtaining the best medicine at the best price, and has asked me several times what I was paying for some at the pharmacy. A couple of times, he and his staff went to the trouble to help me obtain medicine at a more reasonable price. 

Dr. Gilmore’s office has recently begun offering spa treatments as well. I can’t wait to go as soon as I am recovered from another medical condition. I have never gone to a strip mall for a pedicure because I am wary of possible infection. What better to place than a foot doctor so you have confidence that everything is clean and every treatment is proper?

Do not waste your time and money with any other podiatrist. Just go to the best, Dr. Gilmore at Capital Podiatry!

Chantal F. (via Google)

Dr. Leland Gilmore is a very professional and experienced doctor with a great bedside manner. His staff are extremely nice as well. They are a reflection of him so every visit is a positive one.

He is very direct and honest about the work needed by the patient for positive progress. 

I started coming to Capital Podiatry one and a half years ago and have been following his recommendations. As a result I have made significant progress in gaining control of a chronic condition. I can do things today that I could not consider when I started coming to Dr. Gilmore. I am grateful for the gift!

Michelle C. (via Google)

Absolutely an amazing experience with this office. So welcoming, kind and helpful on the phone. Very clean and pleasant office. The assistant was very professional, helpful and friendly. Dr. Gilmore was professional, kind, pleasant and following X-rays explained everything. A little sense of humor. He is a keeper. I’m grateful.

Victoria B. (via Google)

Came here for an evaluation on my foot. Being taken in and treated by the assistant, she was very nice, ensuring that I could feel comfortable even though it was my first time ever at a foot doctor’s practice. Dr. Gilmore came in within moments and treated me with ease—no long explanations but short and straight to the point (how I prefer).

I was extremely worried about whether I should go to a hospital or if I should come to my nearest podiatrist due to COVID-19, to the point where I couldn’t sleep at night. But I really liked my visit, and Dr. Gilmore and his staff really helped me out and made me feel cared for. I recommend this practice.

Selenia R. (via Google)

First time here and it was very pleasant. The office staff was friendly and his assistant was very professional and courteous. Dr. Gilmore was wonderful! He’s very personable and takes his time to make sure that you understand your diagnosis and the process of recovery. I can actually say that this doctor’s visit was time and money well spent!

Jarvis S. (via Google)

Had my first appointment today and the staff were very courteous and were on top of sanitizing seats, pens, counter spaces while I was there. Dr. Gilmore was thorough and informative. The medical assistant Diasy did a fantastic job of getting my medical history and was sensitive to my worries about my current issue and put me at ease.

Marisa N (via Google)

Dr. Gilmore could not have been more knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, and optimistic about my recovery. I want to run again, and he assured me this would happen and that he would help me get there. His optimism is contagious and I could tell that he truly cares about his patients.

I tend to avoid going to the doctor at all costs, but Dr. Gilmore put me at ease and I actually am okay with going back! That’s a rare statement from me! Highly recommend him and his office staff is very kind as well.

Amber S. (via Google)

I have been a patient of Dr. Leland Gilmore at Capital Podiatry for more than 5 years. He has treated me for everything from plantar fasciitis (my original issue) to foot surgery this past November. He is the best. Period.

Dr. Gilmore is a local, having lived in the Ft. Hunt area of Alexandria all of his life. He contributes to the community, and truly cares about it. I think this is why people often seek him out. His goal? To have you pain free as soon as necessary. 

He is current on many advancements in the field of podiatry, including laser treatments to help alleviate swelling and pain. I would willingly refer any of my family or friends, and have done so, to Dr. Gilmore. Go see him if your feet are bothering you, you won’t regret it. To top it off, he also has a great office staff.

 Denise E. (via Google)

I believe I stumbled across the nicest and most professional doctor’s office ever. …

I called and they were able to get me in the next day as a new patient. The front office staff were extremely courteous and professional, over the phone and in person. All of the medical staff were very professional, knowledgeable and friendly, too.

And Dr. Gilmore—I have never had a doctor spend so much time thoroughly explaining the problem he found and the potential treatment options, and answering all my questions. I am a runner and it turns out I have a bone spur with secondary neuroma and Dr. Gilmore is confident he will be able to fix it, and so am I. I highly recommend Dr. Gilmore if you are looking for a podiatrist.

Mark K. (via Google)

Dr. Leland Gilmore has been handling all my family podiatry issues for several years. He is conservative in his approach and does not rush into surgery. He spends quality time with his patients and actually listens, which for me, is very important not to feel rushed or have someone typing away on a laptop the entire visit. 

His pragmatic approach allows for a 2-way conversation and I have always felt comfortable leaving the appointment with the decision and treatment plan that we agreed on together. 

I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a top-notch and trust-worthy quality podiatrist!

Roberta P. (via Google)

Great experience. Everyone was friendly and attentive. I had plenty of time with Dr. Gilmore and he was happy to answer all of my questions, so I was comfortable about the planned course of treatment.

Hope W. (via Google)

This was my first experience with a podiatrist. This entire team (front and back of house) were just terrific. A special thanks to Dr Leland Gilmore. He was comforting and reassuring. Thanks!

Lisa W. (via Google)

So refreshing to be treated like a real person, instead of just another billing opportunity. This is by far the best podiatry office I’ve ever been to!

Ken A. (via Google)

This was my first experience with a podiatrist. This entire team (front and back of house) were just terrific. A special thanks to Dr Leland Gilmore. He was comforting and reassuring. Thanks!

Lisa W. (via Google)

My friends recommended Dr. Gilmore for my running injury. Every visit, I’m greeted by the most kind and personable staff. While they’re applying my therapy, I have great conversations with whoever is taking care of me that day. I’ve seen great improvement across my visits and would recommend making an appointment here to anyone.

Vy N. (via Google)

I am very happy with my visit to their office. Checked in due to some ingrown toenail issues. Walking in, I was greeted by the staff amiably and with energy (got to mention that my appointment was near closing hours, so if they were tired at least it didn’t show—thumbs up for their staff) … 

Special shout out to the medical assistant that worked with me that day, very well-mannered and funny person that took care of me during my appointment. Patient while instructing, and also attentive to my well-being, making sure that I was all right while I waited for the doctor to come.

Dr. Gilmore looked at me that day and he explained in detail what was happening with my toes and also how the process to correct this issue will be dealt with. I especially liked the personalized instructions they give you at the end of the appointment for the things that the doctor tells you to do at home.

Xavier V. (via Google)

Dr. Gilmore performed surgery to remove a neuroma on my foot. After the surgery I had scar tissue that continued to cause intermittent discomfort. Dr. Gilmore has worked tirelessly with me to eliminate the scar tissue. He is one of the most caring, friendly, attentive, responsive, and professional doctors that I have ever had.

He truly cares for his patients’ well-being and has a wonderful sense of humor. His staff is extremely helpful, friendly, courteous, and professional. I have come to know the staff by name and vice versa.

I would highly recommend Capital Podiatry if you need medical attention for your feet. Always a pleasant experience. Signed, Happy Patient

Jenny L. (via Google)

Toe-tally hands down the best podiatry office! Dr. Gilmore was great! Very informative and explained things in ways I could understand. Would definitely recommend to friends and family!

Myung K. (via Google)

This is a doctor who cares about small stuff like toenails and hard skin to possible thrombosis, gout or a broken toe. Very professional and runs his office like a well-oiled machine. He is friendly and has a positive outlook. You will enjoy a visit to his office.

George V. (via Google)

Capital Podiatry has helped me in more ways than one to get through this ordeal of my ankle having a tear in the tendon as well as the ligament. They have been generously kind, very professional, and I could not ask for a better team of doctors and associates. Thank you.

Tina C. (via Google)

It was my first visit. They welcomed me as soon as I walked through the door. Everyone was very nice and professional. Excellent customer service. I would recommend this office to anyone with foot issues.

Reginald R. (via Google)

Dr. Gilmore and the staff are amazing! They work super hard to make sure all of your health issues are fully addressed. This is by far the best podiatry office I’ve ever been to!

Dalya A. (via Google)

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